TronAutoProfits (TAP) is an advertising platform. We are the sister site to ShibAutoProfits. We rewared our members in TRON (TRX) tokens for selling advertising credits to new members. All of our members commissions are automatically sent once they are credited via our unique system.
We operate using Tron coin because the fees using other coins are way too high at the moment.
Yes. We want everyone to use Tron Coin, but we know not everyone is familiar with this coin. We accept BNB.BSC, LTC, and SHIBA INU BEP20.
TAP Level 1 fee is 75 TRX. This equates to approximately $7-8 at the current price. You can purchase higher levels before cycling if you wish.
We recommend using Tron link wallet or Trust Wallet. You can also set these wallets to accept SHIB BEP-20.
Each time you cycle the level 1 here at TronAutoProfits, you will receive a new entry under your sponsor in level 1 of ShibAutoProfits. We convert the necessary Tron to make sure we can automatically payout both programs each hour.
We will continue feeding the SAP site as long as the price stays within the range of what we have developed for the site. If it goes above the range we will discontinue the free positions to SAP.
Each time you generate a commission you are paid out instantly each hour. We will monitor the instant payouts and balances to make sure we always have enough Tron available to pay instantly. We pay out each hour so that we can do any token swaps if needed to cover the payouts.